Career extending innovation™

Designed to address neck and back strain experienced by:

Surgeons Dentists Health Care Professionals

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The innovative solution that can improve your quality of life by addressing neck and back musculoskeletal pain

lightweight and comfort

Weighing less than 2 lbs. You will forget that you have it on until you take it off.


Modular design supports the perfect fit for you.


Accommodates the use of headlights, loupes, radiation leads, microscopes, seated position, robotic consoles.

Career extending innovation™

Experience comfort and support designed for your spinal health!

NekSpine™ is a biomedically engineered spinal support system designed to reduce the stress on the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine regions experienced during routine repetitive and awkward positions necessary for access during surgical and dental procedures.

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Career extending innovation™

This product is intended to be used as a personal item and not conducive for sharing. Once a user has the product adjusted to fit for them, rarely is further adjustment needed. Adjusting constantly between multiple users will reduce efficiency and could impact a user’s comfort level.

NekSpine™ testimonials

Here's what our NekSpine™ users have to say

We have many satisfied NekSpine customers who would highly recommend the product. Be sure to check out our video testimonials to get an up-close look at what our users have to say. 

Now that I use NekSpine™ 100% of the time, I have found that I don't need as much of a break between cases allowing me to be more productive and get through my workload faster. NekSpine helps me to be pain free at the end of the day.

Dr. Dan Kim

Plastic Surgeon

I didn't realize just how much my leads were wearing me down during the day. Now that I am using NekSpine™ 100%, I feel so much better, so much lighter. Because I don't have the same discomfort as before, I can be more present for my patients.

Dr. Sanjay Bhojraj

Interventional Cardiologist

The first time I wore NekSpine™ it was a gamechanger for me. No longer do I have the neck pain that I used to experience. I use it for every case

Dr. Gary Raff

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

Saying goodbye to chronic back and neck pain has never been easier. The NekSpine™ has improved my quality of life by allowing me to perform surgeries without the lingering pain I used to have.

Dr. Zachary Brewer

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

The NekSpine™ fits so seamlessly into my workflow and effectively reduces the pain and discomfort that I used to feel. It is almost like turning back the clock to how I used to feel in my 20s.

Dr. deGraft Johnson

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Any healthcare professional who spends hours in awkward positions should consider the NekSpine™. It's not just a support system; it's an investment in your long-term health and career longevity.

Dr. Kristie Chrispin, DMD


Career extending innovation™

Prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among surgeons

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Career extending innovation™

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NekSpine™ is an innovative medical device that is revolutionizing the treatment of spinal conditions.