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Ergonomic Excellence Tailored for Dental Professionals

NekSpine™ understands the unique challenges faced by dentists. The intricacy and precision required in dental procedures demand both concentration and comfort. Our specially designed spinal support system alleviates the stress on cervical and lumbar spine regions, allowing dentists to perform even the most delicate procedures with ease.

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Invest in Longevity and Wellness for Your Career

Just as you provide meticulous care for your patients, NekSpine™ offers you the protection and comfort your spine deserves. Your health and well-being are paramount; let NekSpine™ be your trusted partner in ensuring you thrive throughout your professional endeavors.

all spinal regions

Head Frame


Customizable fit and tension setting

For Surgeons & Dentists

The wire moves smoothly through the slider block allowing for unrestricted head turn motion. Color-coded tension knobs on each side of the frame allow the user to counterbalance the head forward load to the desired level with adjustments based on the clinical application.

For additional illumination, NekSpine offers the Quasar Premium Headlight System which is integrated directly into the head frame. For users with other headlamp preferences, CMI can mount your brand directly to NekSpine.

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Light Source: LED Refractive Technology

Surgeon Image using NekSpine
  • Lamp Illumination: 150.000 (at 14”) – 300.000 (at 10”) lux
  • Color Temperature: Cool – 6100K -Warm – 4500K
  • Spot Size: Adjustable from 2” – 5” (5.08 cm to 12.7cm)
  • Headlight Construction: All Aluminum
  • Headband Construction: Carbon fiber Thermoplastic
  • Replaceable Comfort Pads
  • LED Warranty – 5 Years
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion (base charger station and 2 batteries included)
  • Battery Warranty: (1 year)
  • Battery Run Time: 5 -10 hours
Sell Sheet NekSpine

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