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NekSpine™ will provide you with the comfort you've been seeking

NekSpine™ is a first-of-kind, biomedically-engineered spinal support system designed to reduce the stress on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine regions experienced during routine repetitive and awkward positions common to surgical and dental procedures.


NekSpine™ Disclaimer: The device is intended for use by qualified physicians who should independently evaluate its suitability taking into consideration the environment of use as well as their own physical limitations.

  • Head Frame Adjustable halo with color coded tension knobs. Lightweight and rigid carbon fiber frame to interface ergonomically with the user's head. Coated tensioning wire provides smooth rotation of the head. Compatible with many brands of head lights and loupes
  • Support Beam High strength carbon fiber with I-beam design to providing the connection between the head and the core. Differential spring design models strength profile of the spine.
  • Vest Lightweight and durable providing trunk compression and stabilization. Three available sizes adjust to accommodate nearly any body style.

Tailored for healthcare professionals while also relevant to various other fields

NekSpine was created to address a problem faced by a surgeon who was experiencing significant neck and back pain after long hours of surgery. This discomfort was so severe that he would often need to lie down and decompress before going home, impacting his quality of life.

This physical strain is not limited to surgeons, but is common across many professions where people are required to maintain a forward-leaning posture for extended periods, such as assembly line workers, technicians, dentists, and those who work at computers.

NekSpine was developed as a solution to help alleviate the physical stress associated with these types of jobs. It has made a significant difference in the life of Dr. Daniel Kim, who now refuses to perform surgery without it.

If you are facing similar physical challenges in your work, NekSpine may be able to help. Reach out to discuss how it can be applied to your specific needs and situation. NekSpine has the potential to improve the quality of life for many people dealing with neck and back pain caused by the demands of their vocation.